ABOUT ME @ Aim For Hope Counselling

My name is Kelly Merchant - a mum of 3 children….two that walk with me hand in hand and one that lives in my heart. In 2004 we experienced the exhilaration of bringing a son into this world. In 2007 our lives were devastated with the news our daughter was unable to be revived at birth and in 2008 hope returned with the safe arrival of our third child.

Life continues to throw challenges, some more difficult and more complicated than others. Relationships of all kinds can become strained, personal values can be questioned and life as it was previously known can be erased - and we grieve and manage all of these changes to our life differently and uniquely.


I am a registered counsellor located in the Sutherland Shire of NSW and offering face to face and online counselling nation-wide. I use various approaches and tools in my practice offering my clients therapeutic diversity to ensure their needs are met.


Bachelor of Health and Behavioural Science - Psychology

(Wollongong University)


Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling

(Applied College of Psychology)



  • Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

  • Australian Centre for Grief and  Bereavement

  • Jung Society

  • Mental Health Professional Network

Ongoing Training in:

  • Complicated Grief

  • Trauma Response

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Family Separation 

  • Men's Mental Health and Regulating Emotions

  • Teenage Anxiety and Stress

  • Self Harm Support

  • Child Bereavement

  • Relationships


Other Information:

  • Forward written for Little Big Love - Danielle Loy

  • Development of Grief Workshops for Bereavement Organisations.

  • Professional Development talks for NSW Health.

  • Previous employment with Sids and Kids NSW (Red Nose)

  • 2015 Cooks Medal for Community Service in Bereavement Support


It is my hope that through my communications with individuals that they will be offered a glimmer of stability through what feels like a raging storm. In confiding and talking with me I hope there is a sense of comfort knowing that they are not alone on their journey.